Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law in Luke 2

My devotional reading over the past 2 days has brought me to the birth, circumcision, and dedication of the baby Jesus found in Luke 2. Concurrently I have been reading Introducing Covenant Theology by Michael Horton. As I’ve read Luke 2, I’ve been amazed at how clearly the text presents Jesus as fulfilling all the requirements of the Law, even though as an infant he had no direct control over this reality. Continue reading

Book Review: The Mighty Weakness of John Knox

John Knox was an absolute giant of the Reformation, and a staple of Reformed thought. Surprisingly, this is the first direct interaction I’ve had with Knox, beyond the occasional quote or reference in another work. In the Mighty Weakness of John Knox, Douglas Bond explores the life and contribution of John Knox as the catalyst and driving figure of the Scottish Reformation.

Continue reading

Book Review: Are We Together?


The question of Rome is something that Protestantism has been wrestling with since its very inception. The very existence of the Roman Communion is something that all Protestants must wrestle with. In this brief assessment, theologian R.C. Sproul analyzes and explains the primary differences between the theology of the Roman Catholic Church and the essential doctrines of Protestantism (particularly Reformed Protestantism). Continue reading